Significance of a 40 Day Commitment

There is a long held belief that the period of 40 days is significant and I explored where this has come from and the science behind it.  The philosophy is that it takes 20 days to break a bad habit and then 20 days to create a positive habit to replace the space where the bad habit was.

I have found that forty days has sacred relevance throughout many belief systems and cultures.  In Judaism, there’s a mystical practice that says one who seeks an answer to their prayers should pray the same prayer request for 40 consecutive days.  Forty days also has significance for Christians who fast for 40 days during Lent. Moses (or Musa  depending on your religion) spent 40 days on Mount Sinai where he received the 10 commandments.  In the Hindu system some of the popular fasting periods consist of 40 days and in China and in many other cultures a new mother is confined to her home for 40 days after she has given birth.  With Kundalini yoga you practice for 40 consecutive days to make or break habits.

Delving into psychology, researchers have found that personality can be changed through handwriting exercises over a period of 40 days.  These positive self affirmations realign the neurological patterns in the brain known as “cortical remapping” and can create lasting positive change.  Physiologically, some of our organs’ cells regenerate themselves around the 40 day mark including skin, lungs, bladder and liver.

I am amazed at what I have found out and I have created something really special for my clients to make a lasting transformation in their lives over a 40 day period and I am excited to be able to share my new coaching program with everyone this summer.  For more details follow this link.

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